How This Simple “Food Plan” 
Gave Me My Life Back…

“I lost more pounds than I ever dreamed I could at my age and so quickly.”

Katy Thompson | Writer/Contributor 

September 29 - 3 Min Read 

My Life Changed After Getting Older And Having Children

I managed to stay fit and healthy when I was younger. In college, I loved nothing more than wearing a bikini and going to the beach with my friends.
I still remember all the guys “looking” my way. 

Even though I acted like it bothered me, I can admit now getting all that extra attention felt really good.

I never imagined that as I got older, I would miss the “good old days” of guys hitting on me. 

But, there I was.

My marriage lacked the “fire” it once had. I stopped being “intimate” with my husband. He thought that I wasn’t attracted to him anymore.

But really - I felt so fat and ugly that the thought of him seeing me naked made me sick. 

I knew if he saw just how bad I looked now he would be disgusted and file for a divorce right away.


One day I was feeling really down on myself after reading an article that basically said my height and weight meant I was morbidly obese. My husband was sitting at the kitchen table so I asked him a simple question (one that I now regret). 

“Mark - this website says I’m really fatDo you think of me that way?”

He stumbled over his words trying his best not to hurt my feelings. After he mustered up the courage to say, “No, I think you’re just a little bigger than you used to be” my younger son walked by. 

“But Mom… You Are Fat!”

My husband laughed harder than I’d seen him laugh in 10 years. It took all I had not to burst into tears. And my son kept on walking to his room.

I knew right then and there I had to do something. My husband may be a nice man, but he didn’t deserve the woman I was becoming. Not just my weight, but my attitude, my health, my mindset. Everything was falling apart!

And It Wasn’t Because I Wasn’t Trying My BEST!

I did every diet you could imagine. From Grapefruits to starvation, Atkins, Paleo, Weight Watchers… but the only weight I ever watched was mine going up!
Sure, I’d lose some weight for a little while. Only to eventually watch in horror as I gained it all back and then some!

I was so tired of the roller coaster I truly felt like I was...

Doomed To A Life Of Being Overweight!

My health was faltering. It was one thing to be upset about the rolls hanging off my belly or the love handles that made every top look terrible or the way my thighs made my jeans appear to be holding back Hoover’s Dam!

It was more than that. As my weight crept up over the years so had my blood pressure and cholesterol. 

Doctor visits turned into scolding sessions about how my weight was the cause of everything wrong with me! Even a headache! 

And going through menopause with severe obesity was NOT something I wanted to do.

And That’s When I Got Serious & Started Looking for Answers

I spoke to a good friend of mine who had lost weight following a program she found on the internet. I’ve always been skeptical about things I see online - they always seem to say one thing then give you something else!

But my friend swore by this program and told me all about it. It worked for her, she said, because she was able to customize the food plan and she didn’t really have to exercise at all. 

She had me hooked when she said “No Exercise”. At my age my body is just so worn out I don’t have the energy or stamina to go to the gym with a bunch of young girls making me look like a fool!

So my friend told me more about this simple, customized plan.

She explained the idea of switching our “bodies fuel”. Women especially deal with this. Our bodies are basically running on sugar or “glucose” all day long. This is why we crave chocolate and sugary drinks all the time. 

And the more of it we eat the more we crave it!

But there’s a better fuel for us. One that runs off “fat”. If you can get your body to burn fat for energy, that’s the real trick to losing weight effortlessly. In fact, once you switch to fat burning mode - you don’t even want to exercise! 

I was blown away with everything I was hearing! 
The “easy” way to get into fat burning mode, she said, was to eat certain foods while staying away from a few foods that are bad for you anyway.

She went on to explain a bunch of science stuff, but I tuned out at that point lol. I just wanted to try it for myself and see what happens!
I Mean, If This Plan Could Work For Her… Doesn’t It Stand To Reason It Could Work For Me Too?

After all, this wasn’t where I planned to be at my age...

I was always the skinny chick, all my friends told me how jealous they were of my hourglass figure. Now, my hourglass had broken and I looked more like a busted-open tube of biscuits!

I sat at home because I didn’t want to be seen like this by old friends. I even skipped my High School Reunion because I was too embarrassed to face my old friends.
So I knew I had nothing to lose if I gave this simple, customized eating plan a try
I used the special software that asked me what my favorite foods are. I plugged in my height and weight (this is all private by the way so one else ever sees it!), then I clicked the button to give me my results.

Instantly I was blown away. All my favorite foods were there and it told me EXACTLY what to eat for each meal. All the recipes too! And even a grocery list I was able to print right off and take with me to the grocery store. It couldn’t have been more convenient.

Well, actually it could. Because the program also gave me options for eating out too! I could replace any meal I wanted with restaurant or fast food options. I was in heaven!

I Watched As The Fat Melted Away & I Got My Life Back! My Husband Noticed And Even My Son Told Me “I Look Good” Haha!

And it’s important to keep in mind that I did all of this...

➡️ Without doing any exercise at all! Exercise is completely optional and NOT recommended when you are getting started!

➡️ I ate all my favorite foods - there wasn’t one thing I was “forced to eat” or had to choke down!

➡️ Within about 48 hours I got rid of all my cravings! For the first time in forever I felt like a “normal” person!

➡️ I didn’t ever once feel like I was starving myself or doing without

➡️ I still went out to eat with the family knowing that I could order a regular meal that tasted good!

➡️ The weight came off faster and easier than I ever imagined it could!
In some weird way I owe my son and husband for laughing at me that day. Because now I have my health back. My numbers have stabilized. My figure is back and I’m looking forward to hanging out with some friends from high school again! 

And I owe it all to...

This 'Simple, Customized Plan' that transformed my life.

  • All my cravings vanished!
  • I got better rest than I have in years!
  • All my clothes fit better than ever before.
  • I ate the foods I wanted to eat and never felt deprived!
  • My love handles, thighs, and waist all shrunk almost like magic!

If you are sick and tired of your current weight preventing you from living the life you deserve.

You Have Two Choices:

1. Close this page and do nothing or try something you’ve done before. 

Sadly, if you do this I can pretty much guarantee you won’t ever lose the weight you want. You’ll stay in the “fat cycle” losing and gaining the same weight over and over.

2. Create a Simple, Customized Plan and follow it.
This is what I and boy am I glad I did it! Following this simple plan gave me my life back. And believe me when I say if I can do this then anyone can!

I’m not a very strict person. I hate diets and everything that comes with it. But this customized plan is just so darn easy! Just pick your favorite foods and start eating!
Then watch the magic happen as your body switches fuel sources to fat burning mode. It’s a process called ketosis and even if you’re unsure how it works - just know that it does!
And don’t worry - setting up the plan is so easy! I’m not even sure how to share a post on Facebook and I was able to set my personalized plan up in just about 3 minutes.
I answered just a few questions and clicked the button to give me my customized plan.
Then, I just followed the plan.

This Is The Sign You’ve Been Looking For To Get Rid Of The Extra Weight That’s Been Holding You Back!

I want to see you begin your own incredible transformation!
I wrote this article because if I can help anyone else like me I would be so happy!
I feel younger than ever!
I’m no longer a prisoner in my own body. I don’t walk around feeling embarrassed or ashamed of my own body.
I look incredible (at least I think so!) but more than that - I feel great. My health is so much better too!
I don’t worry about the doctor visits anymore. In fact, at my last visit he asked me for my secret cause he wanted to lose a few pounds himself!
You can start on your own customized plan right now for free. 
Just click the button below now and get started. You’ll be so happy you did!

To learn about this 'Simple, Customized Plan,' click below: 👇👇👇

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